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Small Group Health

There are many flexible small group health insurance plans for business. For many companies, finding the right health care plan is integral in attracting and retaining top talent. These plans focus on shared responsibility between employers and employees in accessing quality coverage while controlling costs.

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Providing health benefits is a major decision for any business. Let us help you learn about health insurance options for your employees so you can support their health and well-being.

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Purchasing insurance for your small business, or small group coverage, has different guidelines than buying insurance for yourself or your family.

What is small group coverage?

Small group medical coverage refers to a single policy issued to a group that covers eligible employees and often their dependents. With small businesses, the insurer determines a premium price based on risk factors for the entire group, using information on members of the group, including gender or age.

Who is eligible for coverage?

Here’s the general rule: if you offer small group health coverage to any full-time employees, you must also offer it to all full-time employees.

The employer can offer coverage to part-time employees (usually those working less than 30 hours a week) but, like with full-time workers, if you offer coverage to any part-time employees, you must also offer it to other part-time workers.

These rules apply regardless of the medical condition of the employees.

Also, dependents of employees are usually eligible for coverage under a small group plan. Dependents include spouses and children, and can include unmarried domestic partners.

Under the Affordable Care Act, small group insurance plans are required to extend coverage to adult dependents through age 26.

Is insurance required for employees?

There is no law requiring small business owners to provide health insurance for their workers. The Affordable Care Act, though, made substantial changes that small business owners should be aware of when deciding whether to purchase insurance for their employees.

Under the law, small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time-equivalent employees aren’t penalized if they don’t offer coverage. However, large companies may face penalties if they do not offer coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Keep this in mind: If you have at least 50 full-time-equivalent employees but none of them receive an individual premium tax credit or cost-sharing reductions, there’s no penalty for your company – whether or not you offer health insurance.

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