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What Are My Health Insurance Options?

When it comes to health insurance, nearly half of all Americans get health coverage from an employer, and another third get their coverage from Medicare or Medicaid or both. And a little more than 5% buy their own coverage through a health insurance exchange or they shop outside the exchange.

If you’re looking for individual or family health insurance outside of an employer-sponsored plan or a government-run plan, the search can be tricky. You have to compare health insurance plans and not just look at premiums. There’s the out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles, copays and coinsurance, that need to be evaluated.

Before you begin those searches, take a look below at our guide to help you understand and find the best coverage through a complex

We help you design the health coverage you want.

Let us find the right health plan for you or your family. There are a lot of choices. We’ll go over the options and select coverage that fits your needs and budget.

Health Insurance doesn't have to be difficult

Need coverage now – short term health insurance

If you have lost coverage or coming off another insurance, short term medical insurance might work as the right health plan for you while you find more permanent health coverage. Often called term medical insurance or temporary medical insurance, short term medical plans are designed to give health coverage for several months.

These include:

  • Can help with the financial strain that often comes with unexpected injury or illness.

  • Critical Illness insurance, also called critical care insurance or critical illness coverage, pays a lump sum cash benefit following diagnosis of a qualifying illness like cancer or a stroke or heart attack

  • Pays a predetermined amount of cash after you receive a specific medical service covered by the plan.

  • Plans vary in what’s covered, and most don’t cover anything related to preexisting conditions.

  • Generally, you can apply any time but must answer a series of medical questions to qualify.

  • Pays benefits regardless of other coverage. The cash you get can be used to help offset expenses not covered by your main insurance.

Coverage for the long term – Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans

Commonly called Obamacare, ACA coverage may not always seem like affordable health insurance at first. However, if you have preexisting conditions or need medical coverage for an extended period of time, an ACA plan may be your best option. It can even be less expensive than you think if you qualify for a tax credits or subsidies.

  • Guaranteed issue. You can’t be turned down for coverage or charged more based on preexisting health conditions.
  • Tax credits and subsidies could help with your costs depending on how much you earn.

  • Plans cover a consistent set of 10 essential health benefits, including preventive care, maternity care, and prescription coverage.

  • Unless you qualify for a special enrollment, you must enroll during the annual open enrollment, usually in November and December.

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